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Writer vs. Reader

I've been thinking about reading in terms of the writer reading vs. the reader reading. I believe writers reading stories interpret the plot, characters, and overall arch of a book differently than readers do. While some readers are very savvy about plot structure, character development, etc., especially if they belong to a book club that… Continue reading Writer vs. Reader

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Book Reviews: Lazarus and Release

Lazarus, by Lori TitusLori Titus pens a sharp, supernatural tale with her novella, Lazarus, a zombie western horror. She balances a great plot with steady action, creative elements and mystery, and authentic characters.Luella Pembry waltzes into the town of Lazarus, challenging the people’s laws and the heart of Sheriff Benjamin Drake. She’s haunted by a… Continue reading Book Reviews: Lazarus and Release

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Book Reviews: Last Winter’s Leaves and Pomegranate Stories

Last Winter's Leaves, by Michael J. SolenderMichael J. Solender is an adept writer with a keen insight into the deepest corners of the human spirit. In his chapbook, Last Winter’s Leaves, he leads the reader far into the forest of love, regret, belonging, and interpersonal fears that take root in one’s soul. Each nine pieces… Continue reading Book Reviews: Last Winter’s Leaves and Pomegranate Stories

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Book Reviews: Laura Eno & Angel Zapata

Still busting through my 'to-read' books and have finished a couple more reviews. I strongly urge others to support their fellow writers by posting professional reviews at online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads) of the books they finish.Enjoy!Prophecy Moon, by Laura EnoLaura Eno’s novel, “Prophecy Moon,” is testament to her skill in weaving fantasy… Continue reading Book Reviews: Laura Eno & Angel Zapata

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Two book reviews…

I haven't had many new writes up lately, though my story, The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens, will be up at Lily Child's February Femme Fatales at the end of the week. I have been working on a few longer pieces, the sequel to Grave Echoes, Wicked Tempest, and three short stories (2K - 4K ea)… Continue reading Two book reviews…