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Book Reviews: Last Winter’s Leaves and Pomegranate Stories

Last Winter’s Leaves, by Michael J. Solender

Michael J. Solender is an adept writer with a keen insight into the deepest corners of the human spirit. In his chapbook, Last Winter’s Leaves, he leads the reader far into the forest of love, regret, belonging, and interpersonal fears that take root in one’s soul.

Each nine pieces of prose are delicately crafted, selecting only glimpses of story that leave the reader wanting more, while at the same time, delivering a fulfilling conclusion that drifts in the mind, like the last, fallen leaf.

I have read every piece in this chapbook at least twice, and through the layers of Michael’s prose and his ability to connect to the heart of the matter, I believe every reader will embrace traces of themselves.

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Pomegranate Stories, by Gay Degani

Gay Degani has a stunning voice, gripping and charged, and loaded with such authentic realism, that her literary stories borderline nonfiction horrors.

Beneath the anguish of hardship, Degani’s stories offer subtle hope, charm, and humor, which captures readers and pulls them into other people’s lives, ones that are rich with details and character. Even if they have never experienced such conflict, the confidence in Degani’s writing and the style with which she portrays her characters’ emotions will have readers sitting in the front row.

In “Dani-Girl’s Guide to Getting Everything Right,” we steal into the life of a young woman, who has made cardinal rules for getting through the tough spots in life, but when it comes to family matters, sometimes our guide is an opened map. “Hawaiian Hairdo,” “Listing Lisa,” and “Chair Girl” are absolute gems of women’s multifaceted relationships that will have you cheering in the end.

In “Pomegranate,” “Monsoon,” “Spring Melt,” and “Rim Shot,” Degani uncovers the darker nightmares that plague mothers, daughters, and families, and how the human spirit, despite its frailty, carries on in a world that is too often blackened by tears and violence.

Whether you read literary, mystery, or horror, the crisp details of Gay Degani’s Pomegranate Stories will both delight and startle you.

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6 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Last Winter’s Leaves and Pomegranate Stories”

  1. I couldn't agree with these two reviews more. Super glad you read Gay Degani's book. She is one of my women writing heroes. She's been working on a full length novel for a couple years now. I can't wait until she's finished with it.


  2. I loved Last Winter's Leaves. Some of those pieces were so poignant and moving. The sort of stuff that stays.I'm putting pomegranate stories on my list.


  3. EC, how sweet of you to feature my tiny little chap! And to be alongside such a fine writer as Gay is another very humbling treat! Thanks for your continued support and friendship!mjs


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