“Penning my way to that castle in the sky or at least the zenith in hell. It’s all about getting the words down and editing like a fool, in the sense that most would have enough brains to quit this job/hobby/obsession, try something more fruitful and prosperous. Writing is not advantageous. It’s not profitable or always gratifying, and rarely offers any measure of self-worth. Thank the stars I’ve not enough brains.” – Erin Cole

FeralThings_150dpi_eBook Wicked Tempest 2-11-15 Ghostly Grave Echoes 2-11-15 Ghostly Between Feathers and Fins After Dusk 5-28-13  http://www.dreamstime.com/-image5967895 front2bcover2bof2bthe2bnight2b9-12-11  the-blood-berries-12-20