Lydia Kang, Medical Mondays

Constructing A Murder Scene…and other tidbits

Thank goodness for doctors who blog! I’ve recently met a talented and lovely woman, Lydia Kang, who was kind enough to help me with one of my character’s death. Even better, she posted about it for others to read, and get grossed out over, on her Medical Mondays. Check out her cool blog here:

The Word is My Oyster

In other news, I’m a little giddy over Chris Allinotte’s Madness in March. Not only did he host a terrific event, pulling in some of the best horror writers I know, and chose my story, Still Alive, as the most insane, but he then put it all together in a cool Ebook. More news on its availability later.

Cheers to spring!

8 thoughts on “Constructing A Murder Scene…and other tidbits”

  1. That was a great (and detailed) answer you got. Thanks for that link.And congrats on having your story picked as the most insane. Days later and it still comes to mind.


  2. Much thanks!!! I was playing with with the non-capitalized sentences – but did not know if it was truly effective or just distracting. And thank you for catching that nasty little error. Whew. I do appreciate your constructive comments, you have no idea. I'd rather have an honest critique than a nice pat on the back any day. Congratulations on such a lovely gem of horror with the Madness win, and you have my thanks once again!


  3. Severe constipation can make your guts explode with probiotics and bathtub electrocution? Ewwww! I was NOT EXPECTING THAT. That's so gross and awesome. Excellent resource indeed for murder. So who you gonna try it out on, Erin? Oh yeah, characters. (HAHA)Congrats on the Madness win. Cheers to spring indeed.


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