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Two book reviews…

I haven’t had many new writes up lately, though my story, The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens, will be up at Lily Child’s February Femme Fatales at the end of the week. I have been working on a few longer pieces, the sequel to Grave Echoes, Wicked Tempest, and three short stories (2K – 4K ea) which I’m hoping to publish in new markets, maybe even….those that…$$! We’ll see if I’m good enough.

In the meantime, I have been reading some great books, and will be posting reviews on all those that I’ve read in the Holdiay Catalog. Here are the first two:

Loathsome, Dark, & Deep, by Aaron Polson

“—absolute in chills and suspense!”

Aaron Polson’s Loathsome, Dark, and Deep is the perfect book for horror, mystery, and thriller readers, combining a popular blend of genres adeptly. Beginning exactly where it should, troubled soul Henry Barlow receives a letter of duty with H&P Lumber and Pulp to relieve Edmund Curt from a small outpost along the Lewis River—something bad has happened to the men up there. It gets even creepier and continues to do so until the last page is turned.

What I liked best about Loathsome, Dark, & Deep was the mood that Mr. Polson established throughout the entirety of the novel. Because I live only five miles from the Columbia River, I found the scenic descriptions of a chilling, thick fog and a dampness that saturates into the bones of the land to be quite truthful. This atmosphere compliments the state of Henry Barlow, the cold that has settled into his soul from a past filled with heart-wrenching mistakes and violence, and it certainly fuels the fear of what lies and waits in the forest for the crew of the steam vessel, the Raven.

Read the full review here and purchase the novel here.

The Cowboy and the Vampire, by Kathleen McFall and Clark Hays

“…sexy, dark, witty, and nothing less.”

Embark on Tucker and Lizzie’s journey into the dark world of vampires, secret ancient heritage, and their fight to save humanity, with the help of a cowboy and his posse, which includes his peculiar father, weapon/conspiracy-savvy friend, and his faithful, canine companion, Rex.

Lizzie and Tucker fall in love unexpectedly after she literally crashes in on his world, but his cowboy lifestyle and her city life bring them at odds, though only in the beginning—for love teaches them soon that is has no boundaries, even when your lover grows fangs.

What I enjoyed most about The Cowboy and the Vampire was the balance of genre—romance, mystery, horror, and comedy, all wrapped up in a delightful adventure that keeps the pages turning.

Read the full review here and purchase the novel here. (FYI – I actually get to meet with Kathleen this Thursday!)

Coming Soon: Laura Eno’s Prophecy Moon, Angel Zapata’s The Man of Shadows, Michael J. Solender’s Last Winter’s Leaves, and Gay Degani’s Pomegranate Stories.

4 thoughts on “Two book reviews…”

  1. Wow, these both sound great. The first sounds especially dark and moody with eerie twists of setting. The second has a playful lusty lull to it. You are so good about immediately writing and posting your reviews, Erin. Wonderful.


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