February Femme Fatales, Lily Child's Feardom, The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens

The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens – Lily Child’s February Femme Fatales

I’ve been waiting eagerly for this day, to showcase one of my darker delights on one of the best, yes, the best horror blogs around – Lily Child’s Feardom in her February Femme Fatales! And what an introduction she gives, to each and every one of her fatale femmes! I’m truly honored, a little speechless, and even giddy…feel like maybe I should buy her a drink. Or two.

My story, The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens, is over there now, and if you do click on over there, I strongly urge you to read other fantastic works by Susan May, R.S. Bohn, Marissa Farrar Laurita Miller, Pixie J. King, Lou Treleaven, Sue Harding, A.J. Humpage, Asuqi, and more upcoming works from Jodi Mac, Antonia Woodville, Ellie Garratt, and Lily herself. The fact that Lily has such a great following of talented female and male writers speaks volumes for her own writing – she is top of her game.

Thanks on end for hosting my story, Lily. Cheers to you!

PS – love that pic, with the phantom in the background…or is it Jamie’s father? You decide; either way, it’s perfect.

3 thoughts on “The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens – Lily Child’s February Femme Fatales”

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words Erin. The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens is a wonderful, complex story that tugged at my heartstrings as much as it chilled me. I adore your writing, you are truly a Mistress of the Craft. Buy me a drink? Oh, if you insist – you know I'm rather partial to a heady Chardonnay – all oaked and buttery, like the best victims. ;)


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