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Lily Child’s February Femme Fatales playing now!

Lily Child’s highly anticipated February Femme Fatales, no exaggeration, has pulled the curtains aside, and her first guest, Susan May James, dominates the stage with her piece, Shadows.

For the rest of the month, catch up on some of the best women in mystery, crime, and horror. *Blush* I’ll have a story up too, The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens.

Lily Child’s hosts the popular weekly Friday Predictions, and after reading some of her own incredibly original, raw, and visceral writing, it is not surprising to any of us that the best of writers collect at the footsteps of her crypt. Actually, I’m kind of hoping she does the Men of May ; )

Cheers, Lily, and thank you!

6 thoughts on “Lily Child’s February Femme Fatales playing now!”

  1. Hey Erin,I'm playing catch up tonight. Other than reading the femme fatales I'll be caving so I can finish polishing up Xscents, so I won't be around for awhile. I'm looking forward to your story(ies) this month. Wonderful of Lily to showcase the ladies.Hugs,J


  2. Looks to be a great month. I'm looking forward to reading all the stories, and getting to know some new ladies in the crime/horror dungeon. The title of your story is intriguing, so I really can't wait to read the whole thing.


  3. Thanks for the great shout Erin. This is a really exciting month on the Feardom, with some beautiful work by the fourteen Femmes Fatales appearing every single day.I just know that everyone will love The Phantoms of Jamie Stevens.Men of May – there may be something in it. Depends whether the boys can behave – I'd rather they didn't.


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