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Writer vs. Reader

I've been thinking about reading in terms of the writer reading vs. the reader reading. I believe writers reading stories interpret the plot, characters, and overall arch of a book differently than readers do. While some readers are very savvy about plot structure, character development, etc., especially if they belong to a book club that… Continue reading Writer vs. Reader


To Write the Story is Not Enough

Everyone has a story, so how are you going to make yours stand out? I think about this often in my writing, and the stories that I apply more than just story to, benefit tremendously. I jotted down ten ideas to add more *bling* to your pieces. If you have any of your own that… Continue reading To Write the Story is Not Enough

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2012 Writing Goals

I can't believe 2012 is here. Seems unreal, and I'm not sure why. The end of the world? Or perhaps the start of something big? I have been more organized with my writing lately by keeping better track of my submissions, rejections, acceptances, publishing goals, WIP, word count, etc. Last year, I wrote around 185,000… Continue reading 2012 Writing Goals

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Going with Flow

Flow has deep roots in the nature of our make-up...just read Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's book, "Flow," and you will relearn how the path of least resistance cultivates positive change. The more we 'flow' with our environment, the better our chance for success than if we don’t. Opposing forces, or flow, not only waste energy, but increase… Continue reading Going with Flow

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My Dead Hookers

They lay there, stripped, twisted, and shamed, but pretty in all their potential. I flip through their pages, like silken hair, wondering what went wrong, searching for that first sign of trouble. It is there, hidden deep between lines and the words. Their stories bleed ink, so giving and feverish with want and need, to… Continue reading My Dead Hookers