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Book Reviews: Lazarus and Release

Lazarus, by Lori TitusLori Titus pens a sharp, supernatural tale with her novella, Lazarus, a zombie western horror. She balances a great plot with steady action, creative elements and mystery, and authentic characters.Luella Pembry waltzes into the town of Lazarus, challenging the people’s laws and the heart of Sheriff Benjamin Drake. She’s haunted by a… Continue reading Book Reviews: Lazarus and Release

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Witches Wednesday @ The Dandridge Estate

It is Witches Wednesday at Nicole Hadaway's Blog, The Dandridge Estate. I've been invited to discuss witches, their attraction in our culture, and those included in my novel, Grave Echoes: A Kate Waters Mystery. Pop on over and read an excerpt from Grave Echoes and learn who my favorite witches are.Thanks Nicole!

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Author Interview ~ Nicole Hadaway

It is my pleasure to present to you this week an interview with sexy vamp writer, Nicole Hadaway, on writing novels, her new book Release, the sequel, Return, and her incredible spotlight with the Queen of Vampires, Anne Rice. I first came across the writings of Nicole Hadaway last fall and was immediately intrigued with… Continue reading Author Interview ~ Nicole Hadaway

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Unearthing Jev at All Things Smart and Scary

Nothing goes better with vampires than witches and I am honored to have an excerpt from my novel, Unearthing Jev, at Nicole Hadaway's blog, All Things Smart and Scary. Kate Waters is a geologist, who believes if it can't be tested, it doesn't exist. But life isn't that simple and some coincidences are just too… Continue reading Unearthing Jev at All Things Smart and Scary