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My Chat at the Chin Wag

Once you've been 'Chin Wagged' you are never the same. Richard Godwin puts on the heat, whether it's in his racy crime/noir and horror fiction, self-promoting his latest novel, Apostle Rising, or interviewing writers in an unparalleled, vogue format. I’m not sure what all you will learn about me in this interview here, but I… Continue reading My Chat at the Chin Wag

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Flashes in the Dark Interview

Today at Flashes in the Dark, Lori Titus has an interview with me on my new book, Grave Echoes, and on writing in general. FitD published one of my first stories, The Wheel of Fate, and so this interview is a real treat. Click on over for few tidbits about me and how I try… Continue reading Flashes in the Dark Interview

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Author Interview ~ Nicole Hadaway

It is my pleasure to present to you this week an interview with sexy vamp writer, Nicole Hadaway, on writing novels, her new book Release, the sequel, Return, and her incredible spotlight with the Queen of Vampires, Anne Rice. I first came across the writings of Nicole Hadaway last fall and was immediately intrigued with… Continue reading Author Interview ~ Nicole Hadaway