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Flashes in the Dark Interview

Today at Flashes in the Dark, Lori Titus has an interview with me on my new book, Grave Echoes, and on writing in general. FitD published one of my first stories, The Wheel of Fate, and so this interview is a real treat. Click on over for few tidbits about me and how I try to write.

Thank you, Lori!

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5 thoughts on “Flashes in the Dark Interview”

  1. Excellent interview. I especially liked your description of how the idea came to you. Funny girl. The mail has never been so slow. I need to read this book!


  2. Great interview, Erin. It amazes me you are able to get so much done in such a lively household. Your muse must be so insistent. I didn't mention this over at the site, but I thought your three tips at the end were great too. Just got your book yesterday! Thank you and I can't wait!


  3. "After ingesting black willow and mugwort divination tea with a Nez Pierce Shaman on an equinox morning"… That's EXACTLY what I do! Great interview, Erin.And I agree about 'The Happening' … there was a great movie in there smewhere. It had some truly harrowing images. But he effed it up — as usual.


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