Kate Waters, Nicole Hadaway, Unearthing Jev

Unearthing Jev at All Things Smart and Scary

Nothing goes better with vampires than witches and I am honored to have an excerpt from my novel, Unearthing Jev, at Nicole Hadaway’s blog, All Things Smart and Scary.

Kate Waters is a geologist, who believes if it can’t be tested, it doesn’t exist. But life isn’t that simple and some coincidences are just too inconceivable. Catch a teaser and trailer to my novel about witches, murder, love, and betrayal.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Nicole for inviting me to guest write at her website. She is the author of Release, a very well-crafted and exceptionally creative perspective on vampires, which takes place during World War II. You can read more about her work and upcoming sequel, Return, here: All Things Smart and Scary.

Thanks again, Nicole!

8 thoughts on “Unearthing Jev at All Things Smart and Scary”

  1. So, will you autograph my copy? I'm not usually into this genre, but your excerpt makes me want to read more. Much more. The characters come across as real and complex. Peace, Linda


  2. I'm hooked — line and sinker. But I already kinda knew I would be. And yeah, I totally welcome the witch angle to modern pop culture. I love the vamps, but it may be gettin' tired. Bring on the wicked ladies… Again, great one, Erin…


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