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Book Reviews: Lazarus and Release

Lazarus, by Lori Titus

Lori Titus pens a sharp, supernatural tale with her novella, Lazarus, a zombie western horror. She balances a great plot with steady action, creative elements and mystery, and authentic characters.

Luella Pembry waltzes into the town of Lazarus, challenging the people’s laws and the heart of Sheriff Benjamin Drake. She’s haunted by a difficult past and frequent, chilling warnings from the apparitions she sees. Little does she know that Sheriff Drake has his own supernatural abilities too. But Luella has other worries—her visit to Lazarus involves the rising dead and the dark secrets behind their return.

Luella and Ben embark through treacherous grounds to discover the root of Lazarus’ evil and lay to rest their own personal demons. With a well-rounded ending full of surprises and twists, and a distinct plot, Lazarus also delivers tasty zombie lore mixed with a little witchcraft, all occurring in 1896 in a small, western town, one that is full of magic, death, and corruption.

This book is a fun, fast read with a variety of genre that will appeal to many readers.

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Release, by Nicole Hadaway

Upon hearing about Nicole Hadaway’s book, Release, a novel about vampires rescuing Jewish children in the heart of WWII, I was immediately intrigued. In this novel, Nicole fluently crafted character and plot, and weaved them into a unique vampire story—proving it can still be done. Her flair for conflict and intimate struggle draws suspense and keeps the reader enthused for resolution, which absolutely packs a twist at the end.

Meet Miranda Dandridge, vampire woman with a heart, who falls in love with a human, Ben Gongliewski, a resistance worker in WWII. As Miranda learns to trust Ben, through the rescuing of children, he learns to accept Miranda’s darker lifestyle and the demonic friends she hangs with. Through close encounters and unexpected tribulations, Miranda and Ben get closer, which becomes a moral struggle for Miranda—she is engaged!

By the time Miranda and Ben discover the true evil they are fighting, they’ve dug themselves deep into trouble, having exposed Miranda’s powers and Ben’s covert operation. The one person they expected they could trust turns on them both, and it becomes a fight for survival in an apocalyptic world of good and evil, with humans, werewolves, and vampires all uniting to conquer hell and beyond.

Nicole’s former career as a lawyer is effectively demonstrated in her research of World War history, European geography, and supernatural lore. A romantic subplot, as well as familial oppositions, strained friendships, and blind trust, are all efficiently written into the story, giving her novel an overall sense of cohesiveness.

The sequel to Release, Return, is due sometime this year.

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