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5×5 Fiction: Stories Told Loud and Clear

The first issue of 5x5 Fiction is up and I'm proud to be chosen among the talent with my piece, Fresh Bait. Thank you Angel Zapata!There are many good entries here: Michael J. Solender, Chris Allinotte, Laura Eno, John Wiswell, Laurita Miller, Absolutely*Kate, Zelda Martin, Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge, and more. Unwind with these short and… Continue reading 5×5 Fiction: Stories Told Loud and Clear

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Book Reviews: Laura Eno & Angel Zapata

Still busting through my 'to-read' books and have finished a couple more reviews. I strongly urge others to support their fellow writers by posting professional reviews at online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads) of the books they finish.Enjoy!Prophecy Moon, by Laura EnoLaura Eno’s novel, “Prophecy Moon,” is testament to her skill in weaving fantasy… Continue reading Book Reviews: Laura Eno & Angel Zapata

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5×5 Fiction – A New Ezine

I love it when writers take a chance.  Do something off the wall, unexpected, risky...or maybe just fun with their craft.  One such writer, Angel Zapata, is establishing his own quarterly ezine, 5 by 5 Fiction: Stories Told Loud and Clear.  Here are the guidelines:"I’m looking for exceptional stories to shout from rooftops. Complete stories… Continue reading 5×5 Fiction – A New Ezine