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Book Reviews: Laura Eno & Angel Zapata

Still busting through my ‘to-read’ books and have finished a couple more reviews. I strongly urge others to support their fellow writers by posting professional reviews at online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads) of the books they finish.


Prophecy Moon, by Laura Eno

Laura Eno’s novel, “Prophecy Moon,” is testament to her skill in weaving fantasy and romance into a story that is richly sated with magic and adventure. With exceptional language, Eno’s writing captures the reader at the heart—where love can be lost, trust can be sold, and destiny can hinder on the forces of magic alone.

Travis knows his beautiful world with love, Lessa, is about to change when an old seer comes to his door one peaceful morning, giving him a glimpse of another world in destruction, one seemingly too familiar to him. She tells him of a dream that could be real, but Travis wants to forget the encounter until he wakes into that dark world. Read more

You can purchase Prophecy Moon at Amazon and for Kindle.

The Man of Shadows, by Angel Zapata

To describe Angel Zapata’s short fiction as poetic, bizarre, and speculative dark horror is anything but fitting, because it doesn’t highlight the effect his stories have on the reader’s psyche. Zapata fiction brings horror to the edge of science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and literary, and then he spices it with traces of slipstream, erotica, and noir in a language that is both stunning and precise, ultimately delivering that meaty tale one expects.

In his first collection of dark fiction, “The Man of Shadows,” Angel has gathered a variety of darkness, a splendor of wicked characters, prose that mystifies the mind, and a disturbing bulk of demented originality, such as that in his first piece, about carnivorous eating tattoos in, “The Mouth of Babes.” Read more

The Man of Shadows can be purchased at Amazon and for Kindle.

7 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Laura Eno & Angel Zapata”

  1. Great reviews. I own Prophecy Moon, and it's on my TBR list. Guess I'll have to add The Man of Shadows to the list :-)No hardship, I've read Angel before.


  2. This is awesome, Erin! I'm thrilled with your review. Like Angel said, your review is elegant. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I have both yours and Angel's books on my to-read list as well.


  3. Totally bitchin', Erin. I can't tell you how glad I am you enjoyed my book. Thanks for taking the time to compose such an elegant review here (and at Goodreads, etc.).Laura's book is already on my to-read list!


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