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5×5 Fiction – A New Ezine

I love it when writers take a chance.  Do something off the wall, unexpected, risky…or maybe just fun with their craft.  One such writer, Angel Zapata, is establishing his own quarterly ezine, 5 by 5 Fiction: Stories Told Loud and Clear.  Here are the guidelines:

“I’m looking for exceptional stories to shout from rooftops. Complete stories (not rantings or poems) must be exactly 25 words long, told in exactly 5 sentences, with each sentence comprised of exactly 5 words.

Any variation from these short, sweet, strict guidelines won’t even be considered. All genres are welcome. Write it, proofread it, and send it in the body of your e-mail to loudandclearfiction (at) yahoo (dot) com. Subject line should read: 5x5_Story Title_Author’s Name.”

What are you waiting for? You know what to do. Five words per five sentences. Write, edit, write, edit, submit. See, it is that easy.

Submission Guidelines

8 thoughts on “5×5 Fiction – A New Ezine”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Erin! Submissions have already arrived in my inbox. My advice for all interested: read my guidelines. Also, don't forget, I'm looking for stories, not haiku-like, abstract, incomplete thoughts.


  2. Aw, this is driving me nuts. I need to words at the end of the 5×5 and nothing works. This is like story meets sudoku.Haha! Hi Roland! I think you meant to address my evil step sister: Erin. ;-)


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