Friday Flash Prediction, Lily Childs

Lily Childs’ Friday Flash Prediction – Bare the Bones

Lily Childs has the goods!  Every week, she hosts a Friday Flash Prediction Challenge: 3 random words in 100 words max.  This last week, my entry Bare the Bones, posted below, was the winning entry – so why brag about it?  Because there are some damn fine writers that enter this fun, weekly challenge that Lily hosts, and I’m honored to be chosen. 

There were several good entries this week, including Michael J. Solender’s Hot Tub in Hades, Chris Allinotte’s Diamonds – 2, Lily Childs’ Swallow, Susan May James’ Lambs, AidenF’s demonic Qarînah, David Barber’s 3 Episode Whammies, AJ Humpage’s Mea Culpa, Asuqi’s That of Which the Heart is Filled, and many more.

But it’s not about winning (really) – it’s about sharpening your writing skills, supporting your fellow writers, and releasing your imagination!  Give it a try.  This week at: Lily Childs’ Feardom

Bare the Bones (outsider, invite or invitation, effervescent )

Everyone has secrets; some are just more interesting. The outsider, the serpent of hedonism, knows this, hangs them from the birch, strangling the words until effervescent riddles bleed between the teeth.

Invite the boa over, an invitation to menace, gliding, sliding around, hugging tight, tighter—choke deceit from the flesh. Venomous truths seep, mire between the fingers…dirt on the knees. Kiss each blue face and knot the rope. Their bones clank in a midnight wind, prattling to those who will listen.

Copyright © 2010 Erin Cole

Thanks Lily and to all the Friday Flash Prediction Writers!

10 thoughts on “Lily Childs’ Friday Flash Prediction – Bare the Bones”

  1. Bare the Bones is a stunningly pictorial piece. Your emotional and chilling descriptions never fail to chill the senses. Beautifully written.Thanks Erin, for the shout about the weekly Prediction. There really is some extraordinary talent out there, and it's a privilege to host and judge the entries.


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