13 days of horror, NaNo

13 Days of Horror … And NaNo news

I can't tell you how grateful I am at the turn-out for the 13 Days of Horror, for all the great writers who submitted (choosing proved more difficult than I expected), and for all the wonderful comments. I know many of you made the writers of the 13 Days of Horror feel accomplished and validated!… Continue reading 13 Days of Horror … And NaNo news

13 days of horror, Eric J. Krause, The Clown Killer

The Clown Killer – Eric J. Krause

Happy Halloween! Today is the last story in the 13 Days of Horror and I've saved you a real treat. Though I'm just getting to know my next guest, I do know he is gifted with the pen, crafting dark suspense like a cold breath and having already complied his short fiction into two books:… Continue reading The Clown Killer – Eric J. Krause

13 days of horror, Jeanette Cheezum, Tucked Away

Tucked Away – Jeanette Cheezum

I have known my next guest in the 13 Days of Horror since I was a fledgling on the blogosphere. Her depth of talent is infinite, for she can write mystery, humor, horror, and literary works of art, some of which is included in the New York Times Best Sellers List. She has been published… Continue reading Tucked Away – Jeanette Cheezum

13 days of horror, Chris Allinotte, Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass – Chris Allinotte

The 13 Days of Horror is soon coming to an end, but not without three more fantastically creepy writes, and of course, Chris Allinotte is one of them! He is one of my favorite horror writers, gifted at penning macabre suspense and reeling his readers into the darkness of his haunting conclusions. He has been… Continue reading Frosted Glass – Chris Allinotte

13 days of horror, An Urban Myth, David Barber

An Urban Myth – David Barber

My next guest in the 13 Days of Horror frightened me with his creepy story on dark folklore. Though he usually writes crime/noir, horror fiction is another genre he conjures skillfully. He has been published at various hotspots, including Thrillers, Killers, 'n' Chillers, Blink-Ink, The New Flesh, and The Clairty of Night. Please give a… Continue reading An Urban Myth – David Barber