Solar Eclipse = Free Kindle Books

To celebrate the solar eclipse, I'm giving away three Kindle downloads on Amazon starting August 21-22. One of them is my latest novella, The Blood Berries. Don't miss the event! *** THE BLOOD BERRIES, a novella by Erin Cole The year is 2105, global deglaciation. The Alaskan region is a cluster of dark mountain peaks… Continue reading Solar Eclipse = Free Kindle Books


Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road

I'll admit - if I could cross lives with Bonnie and Clyde, I just might. Given the right night, who's watching the kids, and the proper planetary alignment, who wouldn't want to go out guns-a-blazen with a life partner in crime? But wait...maybe that's not how it happened at all. Writer friends Kathleen McFall and… Continue reading Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road


Back from the Writing Dead

It's been a year since I've engaged on social media, and in only the last six months, have I really started writing almost every day again. A tragedy hit my family in July of 2015 that is still on going, but I've learned ways to work around new schedules and demands. Read about that horror… Continue reading Back from the Writing Dead