Summer Freebies

Summer isn’t complete without a long list of books to read. Why not save some cash and download some freebies! I have three free books available to download at Smashwords for the entire month of June. Enjoy!

Between Feathers and Fins

This collection of flash fiction and short stories by Erin Cole will lead you into the savage hauntings and restless fears that plague the females in them. From ghosts to mermaids, witches to beasts, ‘Between Feathers and Fins’ is an imaginative collection of dark and strange stories you won’t soon forget.

(10 stories at 14K words)




Everyone has a shadow, but most of them don’t come to life.

It will take more than guts for Kori to get her shadow back, specifically an enemy, a geek, one police officer, two red necks with tractors, and a couple sticks of dynamite.

(6.6K words)


After Dusk 5-28-13

In these six short stories, there is a unifying theme that darkness is a more than just a brooding atmosphere filled with the unknown. It threatens to become apart of the character and a presence in the reader

(6 short stories at 24K words)