Writing Updates

This summer didn’t offer much writing time, not as much as we writers crave/demand/sell-the-soul-for, but in those wee hours of the morning (Why sleep when you can write?), I was able to complete some long overdue projects. One of those is my long fiction, The Blood Berries, formerly known as Terror Island. This sci-fi horror topped out at 16,352 words. Here’s a short blurb:

Species adaptation is Dr. Samantha Marks’s expertise, though she never imagined she’d witness it occurring in the Animalia kingdom on the islands of the Alaskan Territory. But after the big glacial melt of 2105, much on Earth has changed, and her crew members are disappearing one at a time. In an expedition turned rescue mission, Dr. Marks knows the end result: species either adapt or die.

Still unsure of where this story’s home is, I’ve already designed a cover that’s too perfect. More on that later, though. My other completed project takes place in the distant past in an Aztec village, Under a Glowing Moon Night. I love this fantasy story, all the conflict, soul, longing, love, hate, risk, destiny, and adventure. The plot and character arc are my best yet, so I’ve decided to enter it into the Writers of the Future Contest. After that, I’ll probably hit up some of my favorite markets, though I’m going to shoot higher with this one. Why wait until I think I’m good enough? How does one know that anyway if they don’t try and either fail or succeed?

In the meantime, I do have a horror novel to finish editing, The Dead in Two Creeks Forest, the third Kate Waters Mystery to start drafting, and lots more short stories to write. Now, if I can just find the time…