Back from the Writing Dead

It’s been a year since I’ve engaged on social media, and in only the last six months, have I really started writing almost every day again. A tragedy hit my family in July of 2015 that is still on going, but I’ve learned ways to work around new schedules and demands. Read about that horror HERE if you’d like. Since my leave, I have managed to complete a few things:

~ My novelette, The Blood Berries, was published in December 2016. It is a 58-page sci-fi horror that takes place in the cold mountains of Alaska in the year 2105 after complete deglaciation of the earth.

~ The first draft to the 3rd Kate Waters book, working title Dark Hearts, is finished at 65,304 (I expect it to be 90-100K once complete). It is another paranormal adventure with Kate, Thea, and Detective Wells with the usual mix of geology, murder, and the supernatural. I hope to have it out next summer.

~ I’m still editing The Dead in Two Creeks Forest, 72K so far. It went through a major hall of POVs, with too many. I’ve narrowed it down to six characters, each having their own POV chapters, but I think it will work. It’s a small town horror story, not too complicated of a plot, and the characters are classic archetypes. I hope to have it published at the beginning of next year.

~ I’ve maintained a food blog, which I’ve decided to make public even though not all my recipes are posted. It’s called, So Easy, a Zombie Can Cook It. What did you expect coming from a dark fiction writer? Go easy on the critique – it started out as a website to store my recipes, but I enjoyed it so much, family and friends now want to see it.

~ I’ve also started another blog on PANS/PANDAS. It is the rare brain infection that my son developed. I’m hoping to reach out to other families and caretakers of P/P, as the disease is so rare, very few doctors will treat it and insurances won’t cover any of the costs, which can climb into the tens of thousands of dollars. Families are left to deal with the intense and heartbreaking symptoms and daily challenges of the disease alone. I will be making that public soon.

~ Last, but not least, I’m still writing short stories from time to time, just finished one called “The Bone Vine,” and am hoping to publish a few soon, but the market out there is viciously tough. We’ll see. I can’t waste too much time pimping my shorts.

That is all for now. I will be hosting some giveaways, reviews, and other writing news when time permits. I hope everyone has been well and prosperous.




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