March Monster Blogfest

March MonsterIt’s March Monster Blogfest over at Write1Sub1! Three months down in my yearly challenge of writing one story a month and subbing one story a month, much easier than last year’s weekly challenge! But still, a good challenge. So here’s what I’ve done so far:

“The House on Cornerstone Road”
“His Light, Lost to Stars”
“In the Deep of a Wild Blue Yonder”

Subbed: 25

Rejections: 10

Acceptances: 6
“Secret Lover,” to One Forty Fiction
“His Light, Lost to Stars,” to MICROW 8
“Beneath the Eclipse,” to Burial Day Books, April 2013
“Hide-and-Seek,” to Cruentus Libri Press: Another 100 Horrors, April 2013
“The Dead River,” to Roar & Thunder, May 10, 2013
“Her Quest for a Beating Heart,” to The Lorelei Signal, July 2013

Publications: 2
His Light, Lost to Stars,” at MICROW 8
Secret Lover,” to One Forty Fiction

Other works:
I completed one run through my werewolf novella (30K), and because I made more changes to it than expected, I’m letting it cool before I do one more edit. Also, I’m digging back into Wicked Tempest again, on my third edit (85K), and almost half way through that. I hope to have the novella out by Halloween and Wicked Tempest in early 2014, maybe sooner. We’ll see how the muse inspires.

Many thanks to those who have supported me along the way- cheers!

22 thoughts on “March Monster Blogfest”

  1. Thanks, Angel. It’s called ‘sleep writing.’ Would you believe that titling stories is one of my least favorite things about writing? I’m rarely satisfied with the ones I pick, and often change them at the last minute. Grave Echoes changed from Unearthing Jev two days before publication!


  2. You must never sleep. Impressive as ever, Erin. I loved both published pieces and can’t wait to feast my eyes on the rest. And I’m so digging all your titles. “In the Deep of a Wild Blue Yonder” is absolutely dreamy.


  3. Erin – an excellent ratio of acceptances to subs! And so many subs – great job. Congrats on sticking with the W1S1 goals – I also switched to monthly and still am motivated. Looking forward to hearing about your novellas getting published!


  4. Wow. What a great three months. You must be feeling really motivated. There’s nothing like acceptances to get you writing! (in my humble opinion–me so shallow)


  5. Really nice work, Erin! Twenty-five subs is HUGE and that’s an incredible list of acceptances. Your piece at OneForty was awesome, nicely layered. I love that website. Good luck with your Halloween deadline–that’s my favorite time of the year, so much exciting energy in the air.

    Thank you so much for all you do over at Write1Sub1! I can’t begin to tell you how much I look forward to Sundays and reading about everyone’s progress.


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