WIP: the second novel

Lately, my focus has shifted from short story writing to novel editing, and I’m terribly excited to be getting back into the sequel to Grave Echoes (currently titled Wicked Tempest) especially seeing that it is actually good. There are some sloppy sentences, confusing transitions, and plot holes that need a bit filling, but the overall product so far I think will be everything that Grave Echoes was and more.

Wicked Tempest will have many of the same characters and a few extras, lots more action, just as many or more shady characters (who’s bad? who’s good?), a few romantic triangles (but hardly anything that would classify it as a romance novel), and a highly explosive ending where the paths of eight people finally cross into one hectic, violent finale.

Here’s a teaser:

Wells stepped outside, mindful of the squawking crows that had been in the tree earlier when he’d arrived at the house. They were still there, the weight of a hundred watchful eyes followed him back to the car. A growing shape of dark clouds crept up behind the tree line, another ceaseless barrage of storms in the Portland Metro area. Maybe it was the storms that were upsetting the crows. It might also explain the dead ones Brooke found at her doorstep. Maybe. He thought about Suzanne’s comment, about the ‘otherworldly’ things that had happened to Brooke before she died and felt a shiver wash over him.

Slowly, he drove away from the curb of Suzanne’s house, thinking of how Thea wanted to curse Brooke. Thea and her black magic. Thea with her unruly, auburn curls, her fair skin, rounded lips, and dark eyes. The shiver he’d felt a moment ago hadn’t dissipated, and he wondered then what it was actually connected to. Not the crows. Or the curse. Thea. Sure, he was a little frightened of her, she was a witch.  But frightened of what she was or what she was becoming to him?

* * *

I’m half-way through the 3rd editing phase. I see at least two more edits to really clean everything up, and then hopefully it’s off to the copy edit.

About the werewolf novella (working title, Feral Things, but definitely subject to change), since my last edit was pretty rough, I think it will need one more pass before the copy edit, with a goal of completion before Halloween. I hope to have Wicked Tempest out not too long afterwards. And somewhere along the way, I need to squeeze in 9 more short stories. Somehow, some way.

Oh, and just because I’m completely neurotic, there might be a short story antho thrown in there along the way too.  Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “WIP: the second novel”

  1. Editing a novel can be hard work, but when you look back over a couple of weeks and see how much you’ve done, it’s a good feeling, right? Best of luck, Simon.


  2. We are birds of a feather, with novel edits, novellas, and a long list of short stories on our to-do list (not to mention those pesky ideas that whisper to us when we’re trying to work on something else).

    Loved the excerpt!


  3. You’re one busy writer! Like the excerpt. I spent last week editing with a deadline on my novella, and it didn’t leave much room for new writing. Hoping to change that this week.


  4. I am going to seek an agent or small press. Grave Echoes was accepted by a publisher, but unfortunately after I had self-published, so word to the wise, query for all your submissions.

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