Book Title Poll

Help me decide on a name for my new werewolf novella. Here’s a short synopsis:

Dark things possess Jamie Fisher but those memories are a veil of dust and shadows. After waking in the Nevada desert, not sure of who she is or how she got there, and with only a strange note to head south, her key to survival may lie in doing the opposite, heading north with a charming guy named, Ray, who smells like trouble.

But Jamie’s choices are few, and her only option now is to trust Ray. A friendship builds as they travel across the state, fleeing from Ray’s own troubled past and into Jamie’s. As the fog of her lost memory rolls back, Jamie realizes where the real danger lies, that at every moonrise, her body explodes in teeth, claws, and fur, and in the dangers of a doctor and a detective who are determined to kill her.

Kidnapped by each other’s past, Ray will have to face new monsters, and Jamie will have to embrace her own if she wants to save Ray and herself. It’s a bloody mess, and only the feral will survive.

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