Pirates, Plagiarists, and Pricks

I am disheartened to hear of authors falling victim to shoddy business practices by editors and publishers, having their words stolen, their blogs hijacked, or enduring overly negative and cruel feedback about their craft.  Writing and publishing are hard enough.  Top that off with the increasingly new changes in the publishing industry, and you will find most authors caught in the eye of the storm.

Except together, we have power and rights.  We can use the digital age to oust plagiarizers, illegitimate presses and publishers, and expose those who wish us harm.  If you have been victimized, step out and make it public.  You are probably not alone.  Moreover, if you are one that is tempted to step on other writers to maximize your success, beware.  It is a long fall to the bottom.

In response to the recent atrocities of Trestle Press’ artistic copyright infringements and plagiarist J.K.Patterson. Don’t be shy to link others that you know of.

5 thoughts on “Pirates, Plagiarists, and Pricks”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Erin — how atrocious and completely awful that Patterson stole an entire book! Good God, how do they think they can get away with this crap?!


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