The One, and Only One, Website of Erin Cole

I know, it’s a new blog. Again.

But this time, I’ve amalgamated myself into one, and here it is (www.erincolewrites.com). No more troubles with blogger (I don’t know, maybe it’s just me) and no more updating two different websites, since my author website didn’t having blogging capabilities. CSS code is proving difficult, but I am prevailing, in baby steps.

I have transferred over posts and comments, so you should be able to find everything that was on my blogger website, though links will be different, and for that I truly apologize.

In other news:

— Lily Child’s is hosting her February Femmes Fatales for a second year! She has racked up quite a few talented women, and I’m honored to be included among them, with my story, Between Feathers and Fins.

— Chris Allinotte is also hosting his March of Madness for a second year, Nine Days of Madness. Here are his guidelines:

The theme this time around is “Unsettled”. I’m looking for the subtle kind of horror that stays with you long after you stop reading, stories that challenge the reader’s perceptions. You have free reign on how you achieve the theme, and gore, in its place can have a profound psychological effect. (The usual, sane restrictions of: no kids hurt, no animals hurt, and no torture-porn apply.) 1,500 words is the limit this time around. The deadline to submit is February 15, 2012. Submit all stories to: 8.mad.days(at)gmail(dot)com

And that is all I know for now.

10 thoughts on “The One, and Only One, Website of Erin Cole”

  1. Ooops — technologically deficient already, messing up your pretty blog! It’s me, Nicole Hadaway!


  2. Glad I checked my blog today and saw this!! Will update (or try to) so I can follow you over here (yes, I still do check from time to time, although the weeks fly by with nary a post on my site ;-)


  3. It’s not just you. Blogger has gone down hill since the Google takeover. Hopefully things will be much easier for you.

    Looking forward to reading your Femme Fatales Story.


  4. Very professional. I love the new blog. People tell me I ought to get a blog with my name in the domain, but sadly I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


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