Adobe Digital Editions – Your personalized eLibrary

If you haven’t run across it yet, you probably should.

Several venues, such as Lulu, are now starting to offer their downloads using an .acsm file, that is Adobe Content Server Manager.  You can read up on it here. To download your purchased eBook, you must have the Adobe Digital Edition program to do so.  Download that here, (you’ll have to set up an account). If you already have this, you’re ahead of the game.

Though at first a little bit of a pain in the rump, all the eBook downloads I have purchased in the past few years are now easily viewed in my digital library, this includes all Google .docs and .pdf files.  It is a great way to organize your high-tech, hip lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Digital Editions – Your personalized eLibrary”

  1. It's not, but I did saw their new iBook library. This is just a program I have found useful for all my eBook downloads – not fortunate enough to have the iPad…yet.


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