“Between Feathers and Fins,” @ February Femmes Fatales

If you haven’t heard of Lily Childs’ February Femmes Fatales, I urge you to venture over to her website, and not just because I have a story featured there today, “Between Feathers and Fins.”

For the entire month of February, sixteen women are showcasing their work, and anything and everything goes, from vampires to mermaids.  Many are followers of Lily’s Friday Predictions, and they know a thing or two about slinging words with seductive, wicked ease.  I’m thrilled to be among them.

Speaking of seductive, wicked prose, you can find more of that in Lily Childs’ “Courting Demons.”  It is filled with rich, gothic pieces that have a dark, cutting edge, and though I have just finished it (*****), I will be returning to it often for inspiration.

Thanks for the inclusion in February Femmes Fatales, Lily, and all the kind words–I totally feel the same.

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