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Of the Night… coming soon!

Look what came in the mail today! The proof copy of my anthology collection, “Of the Night.” See the gleam in that smile.

It won’t be long before you can hold it in your hands too, or download to your favorite gadget. Just wanted to thank Mark Crittenden for helping me put it all together and Red Skies Press for publishing, and last, but definitely not least, my writing comrades for your support through comments and a little ‘pimpage’ here and there. This collection contains some of the stories you’ve all loved (“Still Alive,” “Legend of La Chusa,” “Don’t Look Back,” etc.) and a few new ones too (“Letti’s Monsters,” “The House of Dolls,” “The Shadow People”).

I’m not doing my 13 Days of Horror this year, and I’m sad to say that (This year has been exceptionally busy for me). However, there is this cool, new anthology that is coming out, “Of the Night,” and I’m thinking about running some type of ‘Halloween Contest’ for some free copies. I’ll keep you posted, soon.

20 thoughts on “Of the Night… coming soon!”

  1. Very cool, Erin, very cool!Can't wait to get my hands on the collection – loved the novel, I know I will love the shorter stuff.Congratulations…well deserved (may very well be a plug on my work profile for you too!!)


  2. Marissa, thanks! You have a keen eye and it will take you far.Chris, thanks for all your support and for the contest that led me to write one of my favorites.Many, many thanks Mark. Your professionalism and efficiency is rare.Michael, the effects of La Chusa still sticking with you makes me proud! You know I love to tell the soccer moms I’m a horror model. 13 Days is all yours! Or anyone else’s?Thanks for stopping in Arroyo!Sean, thanks for giving me a shout! Never too late.Angel, your fabulous anthology, "The Man of Shadows," pushed me to get some of my own dark fiction published. Under the acknowledgements section of this anthology, I hope you know that you are one of those fellow writers I speak of.Jodi, Along with you too! (See above.) Thanks for checking up with me and if I ever happen to be wearing a pumpkin costume in Texas, I’ll be at your door with a signed copy and a bottle of Vodka.


  3. October is perfect for a Erin Cole horror collection release! So do we get a special delivery from the Great Pumpkin on All Hallow's Eve? ;-)I'll miss your 13 days of Halloween, but completely and utterly understand the busy-ness of the times. Super excited for you girl!


  4. love love love la chusa how cool for you you have these all assembled you have inspired me and perhaps when i get some free time – yeah right – i will assemble some shorts.. in the mean time must begin work on my 13 days sub..


  5. It's a fabulous achievement, Erin, and a fabulous collection of tales. I recommend this book with the highest enthusiasm! Look for it in October…when the witching hour is close at hand. :)


  6. Looking forward to it Erin! Pity about 13 Days of Horror – but time is a sacred something you don't have to tell me twice about.A new book is definitely something to get excited about – when it goes up, I'll be sure to drop a mention and a link at my place!


  7. Thanks Laura! Your busy makes me look slow though.Thank you Roland, Jenny, and Wendy for stopping by and giving me a shout.Lily, you're sweet. Thanks in advance for your pimping. Because you gave me the best pimping of all on the back cover, which I'll reveal soon, I hope you know that you'll be getting a free, signed copy.


  8. Massive congratulations, Erin! Look at you – how gorgeous an author in our midst. Kudos to working with Mark Crittenden; integrity second to none.Much love and success with 'Of The Night'. I'll be pimping it on my territory.Lily xx


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