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Chapbook Review: Riches For One, Poverty For Two

Riches For One, Poverty For Two, by Jenny Rossi

I was delighted to have this little chapbook fall into my lap, but after reading Jenny Rossi’s “Riches For One, Poverty For Two,” I can tell you there is nothing little about it.

The twenty-seven short prose works of this collection are enormous in expression, merit, and reflection. Each poem is a glimpse into the shadows of heart and mind, scarred by strife and love, wizened by experience and risk. Rossi’s talent at pulling in the reader is one sharp tool of the craft. Here are a few excerpts of my favorites:

‘What they say: You should go out more
“Perhaps I am an acolyte, loving
too often the shadows of men,
never the men themselves.”

‘Just don’t tell your mother you’re in love,’
“…your father
will notice the dogs of need lapping at my feet, sense the
sorrow denser than bones; your mother will shake my hand,
have to wipe the poor off hers,”

“Melts like butter,” “I am not,” “I pulled skeins of quiet off the wall,” “Grocery Shopping for One,” are also brilliant gems of the kind of truth that stews in the soul and finishes with a bite.

My review: highly recommended!

View Jenny Rossi’s chapbook, Riches For One, Poverty For Two here, or better yet, purchase the print at Deadly Chaps or Lulu

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