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Pleasing Evil @ Fantastic Horror

A long time working piece of mine is at last getting some ink. Fantastic Horror, issue #16 is now up, featuring my horrific tale, Pleasing Evil. Adam Walker is a nerdy, diabetic loner, until he accidentally kills someone good—then he becomes very popular with the Underworld. But pleasing evil is a dangerous matter, and Adam… Continue reading Pleasing Evil @ Fantastic Horror

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Titles Forthcoming: Pill Hill Press, Fantastic Horror

I've been a little busy taming the beasts at home. Fortunately, I'm still king of my domain. And today, I'm feeling like one, with the recent acceptance into Pill Hill Press's Anthology, Back to the Middle of Nowhere: More Horror in Rural America. I'm thrilled, for my story, "Blood Vision," was written specifically for the… Continue reading Titles Forthcoming: Pill Hill Press, Fantastic Horror

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More Contests: Fantastic Horror – The Passenger

Seems everyone is having a contest and Fantastic Horror has a 13 line dialogue challenge called The Passenger:Craft the most compelling piece of horror fiction. A driver stops to pick up a passenger. They speak a total of thirteen (13) lines forming the entirety of the text. Narration is not allowed, only spoken words in… Continue reading More Contests: Fantastic Horror – The Passenger