Fantastic Horror, Pleasing Evil

Pleasing Evil @ Fantastic Horror

A long time working piece of mine is at last getting some ink. Fantastic Horror, issue #16 is now up, featuring my horrific tale, Pleasing Evil.

Adam Walker is a nerdy, diabetic loner, until he accidentally kills someone good—then he becomes very popular with the Underworld. But pleasing evil is a dangerous matter, and Adam will need more than a miracle to escape his hell.

FH has a great site, equipped with ambiance, art, and exceptional authors. Many thanks to Chris Stevens for all his support and feedback. Check out other great works too, or join the website and submit to the review board. Feedback is valuable and free!

7 thoughts on “Pleasing Evil @ Fantastic Horror”

  1. This is one of your creepiest, Erin. Girl, you so evil! Gah, I hear something tapping at my window. I am SO not going to look. The story was a quick read, and I was held spell bound from the first paragraph. I felt by you adding in the insulin shots, it really messed with my mind on what he was seeing or not seeing, whether he was at fault or not with the deaths. Fantastic conclusion. Really, really enjoyed this.


  2. Loved the story Erin. More than a lot of stories I've read recently, I was absolutely lost in this tale. The main character had just the right amount of pathos while keeping some backbone.This is one of my favourite stories by you to date. Great write.


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