Feral Things Cover Reveal

The cover reveal to my latest novella “Feral Things” is here! Cover artist Dawné Dominique from Damnation Books put together a great cover. I love the fabulous building in the background, as it represents the asylum that my MC, Jamie, escapes from, and the wolf in the corner … did I mention it’s a werewolf horror story? I especially liked her added touch of dripping blood, because it does drip from the pages.

Here’s the scenario:

A monster possesses Jamie Fisher, one with claws and sharp teeth. After waking in the Nevada desert, not sure of who she is or how she got there, her key to survival may lie in traveling with a dangerous guy named Ray.

A trust develops as they both flee state to state, running from Ray’s own troubled past and blindly heading into Jamie’s. Ray will have to face new monsters and Jamie will have to embrace her own if she wants to save Ray and herself. It’s a bloody mess, and only the feral will survive.


The set date for its release is December 1, 2014. I will be hosting a raffle for three winners to receive a signed, print copy of one of my books: “Between Feathers and Fins,” “Grave Echoes,” and “Of the Night.” See the link at the top, right hand corner, Rafflecopter Giveaway.

Help me spread the news about the release of “Feral Things,” and increase your chances of winning one of my books. The raffle will run between the week of December 1 – December 5. If you are interested in interviewing me about its release or would like participate in a blog tour, please contact me at erincole [at] live [dot] com. I would be forever grateful! Erin

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