Bad Dogs, Good Tricks @ Space Squid

bad-dogs-good-tricks-scifi-smI have a new story up at the great eMag, Space Squid: Bad Dogs, Good Tricks.

Thanks to Elle and Space Squid editors and D Chang for the excellent artwork.

The folding knife plays an important role in Tied-up Todd’s unusual predicament. Fresno’s Blackwell Adolescent Manor is full of crazies, but definitely, not the worst place to be when you’re in good company!


4 thoughts on “Bad Dogs, Good Tricks @ Space Squid”

  1. Love the descriptions here, especially Hairy Jerry crouched like a spider. This would be a really fun novella. I liked all the characters even if they ended up armless. ;-)

    ps. Never give porpoises on purpose, that’s my motto.


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