New Stories Published

I live (in boxes), but wanted to share some recent publications. Today, I have a flash up at John Xero’s eZine, 101 Fiction: Presence.  That is a one hundred word story with a one word title.  There are some great authors lining up, and I encourage you to be one of them. Submission guidelines here.

Also, while disconnected from the world, I had three more stories published:

Where Snowflakes Fall at In Between Altered States, Issue 27: Hyparxis

The Dead Quiet at Fiction365, August 2012

Jen-6 at Luna Station Quarterly, September 2012


While I’m still in transition (super, duper lengthy remodel), I hope to blog more regularly.  But who knows.  Life is chaos and chaos is life.  Just keep smiling and at least everything looks good, right?

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