Temporary Leave of Absence

I will be taking a temporary break from my blog. Nothing bad, or good, has happened, I’m still healthy, sane, and married with children (all oxymorons, I know), but have unexpected ‘changes’ to attend to.

As far as my Write1Sub1 participation, I will still be writing and submitting, though however sporadic. I figure I kicked a little butt in the beginning, having already written 39 new stories this year (11 short stories, 22 flashes, 5 micros), and subbed 49 unpublished (10 from last year, 91 total), so I know that I’ll be able to meet my original goal of 52 new stories written and 52 unpublished stories subbed for this year, it just won’t be in the weekly W1S1 format.

I wish everyone great luck with their writing, editing, and subbing. I’ll probably pop in every now and then on your blog to keep in touch.


8 thoughts on “Temporary Leave of Absence”

  1. Hi, Erin. It sounds as if you deserve a break with as active as it sounds like you’ve been. I wish you well. I apologize for not having been by. Take care.



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