Boston Literary Magazine, Silver

"Silver" @ Boston Literary Magazine

I have a new microflash up, The Dribble (exactly 50 words) at the Boston Literary Magazine, called Silver. See more great works by Doug Mathewson, Myra King, Oleh Lysiak, and many more.

Support your presses and submit to Boston Literary Magazine:

We are looking for the following genres:

Quick Fiction: We no longer consider anything over 250 words, so make every one count! We are big fans of narratives that feature strong characters, human dynamics, and transformation. Descriptive stories tend not to excite us that much.

The Drabble: (Exactly 100 words) A real challenge! We’re looking for very short works that express interesting and meaningful concepts using the most tightly concise language.

The Dribble: (Exactly 50 words) Half the length, twice the challenge.

Poetry: Try to be specific about events and circumstances—don’t just tell us you’re tortured, let us know what happened. Also, we tend to pass on poetry that is too long, is structured with lines consisting of a single word, or rhymes.

Haiku: Follow the traditional format and send us your best.”


Super thanks Robin!

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