Holiday Catalog 2011

Holiday Book Blog Catalog 2011

Welcome to my second Holiday Book Blog Catalog! Scroll down the page to see an updated list of authors you know and love and their latest works. Buy at least one and write a review – it’s amazing how authors love to give back.


**(It’s not too late to send me your books – submissions will be open for the month of December. And if a link isn’t working, please contact me. Thanks.)


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Deadly Intent, by Laura Eno

Death stalks the small town of Wood Park after a violent thunderstorm wreaks havoc on the population and drops a stranger in its midst. Police Chief Jonathon Brier chases after clues, always a step behind, as citizens become more irrational with tragic consequences.
When the town is abandoned to its fate with no hope of any outside help, Jonathon must figure out how to combat the evil presence that taunts him before time runs out for everyone.

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Dance on Fire, by James Garcia Jr.

Each May, Kingsburg, Ca. celebrates its Swedish heritage with the annual Swedish Festival. The town of 11,000 residents draws thousands to the event, as well as two uninvited guests.

Nathaniel is a vampire. He wanted nothing more than to have a place to rest his head. Vincent has been searching for his long lost “son” for two centuries. Vincent’s goal is to take Nathaniel home or kill him. Nathaniel has wished for death, wondering why God ever allowed him to walk the earth undead and unable to be redeemed.

Ten days before the Swedish Festival, two vampires leave death and destruction in their wake.

In a marriage of horror and the Christian themes of good conquering evil and redemption: Dance on Fire.

Smashwords | Drive Thru Fiction (softcover)


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Blood Picnic: and other stories, by Tony Noland

The versatile Tony Noland has gathered some of his best flash fiction and short stories for this diverse collection. These 28 stories range in style from fantasy and horror to magical realism and literary fiction. Whether you’re looking for potent true-to-life tales or want your fiction full of zombies, flying carpets or deals with the devil, this collection will amuse, delight and surprise you.

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Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow, by Lily Childs

In the second of the Magenta Shaman novella series natural born shaman, Magenta Sweeney is torn from the comfort of England’s green coast and sent on a terrifying trance journey by the very guides and guardians that claim to protect her. This time she must do as she is told. This time – she has no choice.

In Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Maggie finds herself eight hundred miles from home, wandering the Bohemian forests of the Czech Republic in a final, desperate attempt to rescue the father she’d long believed dead.

As the bleak stone walls of ancient Houska Castle loom through the trees the shaman must prepare herself as never before.

And when the Gates of Hell open to invite Magenta in, she is forced to make a decision – one that could be her last.

Amazon | Website | Twitter

Courting Demons – a Collection of Dark Verse, by Lily Childs

Thirty-two poems from the pen of horror writer and poet, Lily Childs. Exploring supernatural and personal demons this poetry collection blends psychological suffering and dark gothic delight.

Sometimes taboo, often dangerous the poems leave questions unanswered that demand explanation. Fantastical beings spread themselves across the pages but no creature is so terrifying as the demons that fester inside our own human minds. Here they creep.

Wicked and emotional with a painful bite of fun.

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Alone, by Marissa Farrar

Caught in a violent and abusive relationship, Serenity thinks there is no escape.

Upon meeting a stranger, Sebastian, she is shown the possibility of a different future.

Only Sebastian has a dark secret; he is a vampire.

As Serenity’s life takes a terrifying turn, she finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed; one of murder, love and immortality. She is forced to confront her own weaknesses to save both her own life and that of the vampire she has come to love. But in the end all that matters is; can she find the strength to be Alone?

Kindle | B & N

Buried, by Marissa Farrar

Book two in the ‘Serenity’ series, ‘Buried’ is also now available to buy from your favourite eBook store!

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Semper Audacious, by M Pax

Alone. Leda is the last living member of the brigade, the sole defender of her world. War took everyone she knew, leaving her in the company of memories and ghosts. Or is it madness?

The siren blares. The enemy is coming. Or is it? The approaching vessel isn’t a friendly design, but it answers with the correct code. Leda must figure out whether the arrival is reinforcements or the final assault. In an aging flyer, she ventures out to meet her world’s fate, the last stand.

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One Too Many Blows to the Head, by Eric Beetner

Eric Beetner is a crime writer. Hardboiled, as they say. Co-author (with JB Kohl) of the novels One Too Many Blows To The Head and the sequel, Borrowed Trouble, books that were praised by the likes of Megan Abbott (“Feels like a long-lost pulp you find in a favorite bookstore.”) Kelli Stanley (“For a knockout punch of hardboiled, look no further.”) Stephen Jay Schwartz (“Rife with pounding action and colorful, complex characters.”) Hilary Davidson (“This is pulp fiction at its finest.”)


Dig Two Graves, by Eric Beetner

His upcoming novellas, Dig Two Graves (Snubnose Press) and Split Decision (book #3 in the Fight Card series) will be out later this year.

BIO: Eric’s award-winning short fiction is included in the anthologies D*cked, Pulp Ink, Discount Noir, Murder In The Wind and the upcoming Off The Record, Grimm Tales and the Million Writers Award best of 2011 collection.


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Hailey’s Shadow, by Lori Titus

Hailey Patterson has been accused of crimes that she says she didn’t commit. Enter Dr. Adam Bennett, who wants to write a book about Hailey, and the images or “shadows” that she says have plagued her all of her life. Is Hailey a murderer, or a woman tortured by forces beyong her control?




Green Water Lullaby, by Lori Titus

A collection of paranormal stories, all centered in the town of Chrysalis, South Carolina.


BIO: Lori Titus is known as the Managing Editor of Flashes in the Dark, an ezine that features short fiction. She can usually be found at her computer penning stories, editing stories, and drinking too much coffee or soda. She shares a radio show of the same name with her co-host, Tonia Brown. Amongst Lori’s projects are the first novel in The Marradith Ryder Series (Hunting in Closed Spaces), and a novel set in Chrysalis, tentatively named The Ancestors.

Keep up with her latest debauchery on Twitter (as Loribeth215) or on her blog,


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13 Shots of Noir, by Paul D Brazill

English writer Paul D Brazill’s 13 Shots Of Noir is a collection of short stories in the vein of Roald Dahl, The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.The first story, “The Tut”, was nominated for a 2010 Spinetingler Award, while the story “Anger Management” was chosen as one of the Predators and Editors top twenty crime stories.

Crime, horror and dark fiction are contained within the pages of 13 Shots Of Noir.


BIO: Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D. Brazill was born in England and lives in Poland. His stuff has appeared in loads of classy print and electronic magazines and anthologies, including the 2011 Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime. His noir/horror series Drunk On The Moon and short story collection Brit Grit are out now. He writes a column for Pulp Metal Magazine and contributes to Mean Streets Magazine. He is a member of The Hardboiled Collective.


———————— ————————


Dead Calm, Co-author Peggy McFarland

Level Best Books’ annual crime wave continues with release of Best New England Crime Stories 2012: Dead Calm, its new anthology of original tales of cons, capers, subterfuge, suspense and, of course, murder and mayhem.

Featuring twenty-seven of New England’s most acclaimed mystery and crime writers, along with several compelling new voices, Level Best Books takes its readers on a sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious, walk down the region’s dark side.

Edited by award-winning authors Mark Ammons, Katherine Fast, Barbara Ross and Leslie Wheeler, this collection includes “The Red Door” by Peggy McFarland.

Level Best Books | Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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Killers and Demons, by A.F. Stewart

Creep into the pages to greet terror.

Killers and Demons is a collection of five horror stories where the macabre murderers don’t get caught and evil triumphs.

What happens if you awake, afraid, alone and in complete darkness? If you find someone wants your heart for Valentine’s, literally? Or if you come face to face with evil on the dark streets of historic London? You would end up dead, of course.

Come spend some time with the homicidal and savour their kills, dance with demons as they hunt and watch the blood drip slowly, sweetly from their fingers.

Smashwords | B&N | Apple iStore

Ruined City, by A.F. Stewart

In the Northern Pass towers the city of Elowen, the glittering guardian between the Empire of Aloquis and the Kingdoms of Immra. It stands proud and prosperous, never dreaming its dark past was coming to call…

On a bright winter’s day a stranger arrives, bearing a secret and a dark blight of ruin descends over the city.

It was the day the world changed for the people of Elowen.
The day their existence turned into a recurring nightmare.

Winter’s Bane.

Uncover the secrets that haunt the streets of Elowen as twelve tales unfold the story of this cursed city.

Smashwords | B&N | Apple | Lulu (print)

Twitter | Afallon Website


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Eight Days of Madness, edited by Chris Allinotte

This short story anthology is comprised of eight suspenseful and horrifying tales, composed for a special one-week fiction event on the blog, “The Leaky Pencil”.

These stories centres around the theme of Madness. Not one of the stories approaches this theme in the same way, and each has something unique to say.

Features eight outstanding tales by: Laurita Miller, Richard Godwin, Angel Zapata, Benjamin Sobieck, Sean Patrick Reardon, Erin Cole, Lily Childs, and Chris Allinotte.

Smashwords (FREE!)

Father Grim’s Storybook, edited by Jessica A. Weiss

Wicked East Press presents an anthology featuring new twists on the fairy tales of old. The light and whimsical gets dark and twisted, and the dark and twisted turns truly horrifying! In all, twenty three brand new tales spun off from, or inspired by the stories and rhymes we all know and love await you! (Including “Rapunzel and the Undead” by Chris Allinotte.)

Coming soon to Wicked East Press Bookstore.


———————— ————————


Last Winter’s Leaves – A Chapbook by Michael J. Solender
Published by Full of Crow Press

This collection of very short stories and poems were written as a therapeutic balm after dealing with some significant challenges. Very personal and full of emotion, this collection represents some of my most heartfelt work.

$3, two for $5 plus $1 postage, Contact michaeljsolender (at) gmail (dot) com

TOPOGRAPH: New Writings From The Carolina landscape and Beyond, edited by Jeff Jackson

An Anthology featuring over 30 authors including: Michael J. Solender’s essay, Unaffiliated

As the acclaimed Novello Festival of Reading marks its 20th anniversary, it is partnering with Charlotte ViewPoint magazine to showcase innovative fiction, poetry, and essays from the Carolinas and beyond.

Topograph surveys the literary landscape that has emerged in recent decades, exploding tarnished ideas about Southern writing. For anyone interested in the latest trends, this collection offers a broad spectrum of styles, including formally innovative essays, adventurous flash fiction, and minimalist poetry alongside more traditional storytelling and memorable travelogues. It provides a vista of the most exciting work being done in the area, writing that’s often informed by geography in unexpected ways.

Novello Festival Press


———————— ————————


Red Winter, by Clark Hays (edited by Kathleen McFall)

It’s 1890 and winter is closing like a noose around tiny LonePine, Wyoming. For Sheriff Hardiman, once one of the fastest guns in the West, it’s another four months of praying for spring. At least he has Miss Grace, his lovely new wife and former madam of the infamous Pearl to keep him company. Then a murderer turns up out of the cold and people being dying hard, unusual ways — tortured and drained of their blood. Worse, it appears Miss Grace may be next on their list. But how do you kill someone who just won’t stay dead? Find out what happens when the first Vampire visits the Old West.

Kindle | Smashwords | Pumpjack Press

The Cowboy and the Vampire, by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall

The Cowboy and the Vampire brings together two enduring archetypes in a fast-paced action adventure that’s equal parts romance, rawhide and bloodcurdling horror. There’s also a double-helping of comedy, an overly-sensitive cow dog and some doomed alpacas. When Tucker, a down-on-his-luck cowboy with duct-taped boots, falls for Lizzie, a driven big city reporter, cultural differences in their blossoming romance are the least of their worries. An ancient power runs through her veins and a gathering storm of evil threatens the very future of humanity. Only Tucker and his dog, Rex, stand between Lizzie and a horde of vampires bent on her destruction and a world or perpetual darkness.

Amazon | Kindle | B & N

Find out more about the book and the soon-to-be released sequel, Blood and Whiskey, at


———————— ————————


First Contact Imminent, edited by Joe Jablonski

“A flicker of movement caught Donovan’s eye. He glanced down and his jaw dropped. Ice grains had formed a pale blue rectangle at his feet. The rectangle was edged by other dark blue ice grains. As he watched, some of the dark blue ice grains bounced towards the center of the rectangle. Here they formed up in lines. Not lines! A picture! A picture of a vacsuited human! Ignoring his protesting knee, Donovan knelt, the better to observe this phenomenon.”

-from An Alien Initiative by Vincent Morgan, one of 18 stories in this anthology of alien first contact which will take you out of this world.

CreateSpace | Amazon


———————— ————————


Perpetual Night, by Georgina Morales

Life at fifteen is complicated with hormones and belligerence but what if you throw in the mix nightmares that torment you even when awake? What if everything you hold dear threatened to slip through your fingers? PERPETUAL NIGHT follows Lilibeth Royster’s search for the truth in a world where the here and the beyond get tangled; where every clue opens new horrors; where uncovering her secret might threaten more than her sanity, her life.

My blog | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | PostMortem Press


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Of the Night: witches, zombies, monsters, and more, by Erin Cole

Of the Night is a ride through the backwoods of darkness, past the spine-chilling imaginings our consciousness grapples to ignore and into the realms of black magic, the waking dead, and terrors of the unknown.

This isn’t just another supernatural horror collection, it is a poisonous dose of wicked, dark fiction.

Createspace | Amazon | Kindle


Grave Echoes: A Kate Waters Mystery, by Erin Cole

The nightmare is real…
Kate Waters suffers from narcoleptic hallucinations, which recently involve her unreachable sister, Jev, and a mysterious key. When Kate receives the terrible news concerning Jev’s fatal car accident and acquires the mysterious key from her visions, she unlocks her sister’s world of perilous secrets involving witchcraft, poltergeist, and a heartless killer determined to get back what is his.

The danger lies in whom to trust.
Terrifying paranormal encounters, a trailing wolf, and an attempted murder of one of Jev’s friends, forces Kate to turn to the one she fears most, the priestess of Jev’s coven, Thea. She challenges Kate’s beliefs and provides her vital clues about her sister’s murder, but will Kate overcome her fears before anyone else dies? To do so, she will have to trust in a world where the possibilities are unbelievable and the consequences are deadly.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Kindle | B & N


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  1. Some great books – and authors – in this year's catalog!I've read some, have others on my To Read list and have spotted several more I''ll be adding to the list.Thank you Erin!!!(I've posted about it at The Feardom too)xx


  2. You are such a star, Erin. This is why I love this writing community. I've been amongst it for a couple of years now and it's a great place. Well done for doing this and I hope it brings a few sales for all those advertised.


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