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Grave Echoes is getting a makeover…

Writing and publishing inevitably come with mistakes and errors, Godspeed us with lessons learned! I’m not one to rant, but publishing Grave Echoes came with a few disappointments. The first was discovering a week after signing my contract with AuthorHouse that Inkwaters Press wanted to publish my book. I couldn’t bail out of my contract with AH without taking a loss, and GE wouldn’t have even been printed yet. A bittersweet moment that was.

The second downfall was learning that, No, I really couldn’t set my own book price as AH had advertised. Believe it or not, $17.99 is the lowest I could get my book for on Amazon. I’m sure you’d want to punch someone if you knew how much profit I, the author, the producer of the product, was actually making off those sells. There were also profits to be made in changes to the galley formats just before GE went to print. At this point, I’m wanting to throw myself to the wolves.

My third disappointment: I’m not selling what I’d hoped I would. I do blame some of this on price (that’s a no-brainer), some on my poor networking skills, and the other that, basically- I am still unknown and unreachable to the ‘bigger market,’ even though Goodreads has been an excellent resource. If you are an author and don’t know about Goodreads, go there now.

So, long rant short, I am republishing Grave Echoes—my way. A new cover, a new price, a new era for the sequel “Wicked Tempest” to step into, which I’m hoping will be available sometime soon in 2012. Because I still have a few GE books left, I’m selling signed copies for $7.99, plus $3 shipping and handling. That’s warehouse price, my friend! Any cheaper, than I’d be a… you get the point.

I’ve updated PayPal links under the Books tab and also on my website,

For all who have supported me, read and enjoyed my book, and left reviews, I cannot thank you enough.


15 thoughts on “Grave Echoes is getting a makeover…”

  1. Glad to hear you "taking charge" Erin.I can only echo what's been said here already. You live and learn, but you're doing the right things, and you WILL succeed.Your work is too good not to.


  2. Ah, disappointment — it happens to all of us. I remember when writing Release, I thought "vampires are hot, WWII is hot — this is going to be the Next Big Thing!" If only it were that easy…Traditional publishing involves genres, and some of us don't easily fit into those models. Congrats to you, Erin, for taking control of your destiny and your writing career — Grave Echoes is a very well-written, entertaining read, and I'm anxious for the sequel. Good luck!


  3. Thank you, Laurita!Lydia, If we knew the work of publishing, how many of us would have started that first book? Thanks for stopping by.You're absolutely right, Jodi- thanks. Great expression!


  4. I hadn't realized you were just one day off. Man. They say the crap of the past fertilizes the future. Congrats on the GE makeover, and the sequel for 2012. xx


  5. Here's hoping you do much better when things are done your way. We all know you've get the writing part mastered. Now the rest just needs to fall into place. All the best!


  6. Okay, throwing myself at wolves…I wasn't quite that mad, but close!You're totally right, Michael, about the percentage in writing vs. all else that goes into it, especially when it comes to self-publishing- you have to format, make the cover, market, etc. Angel, I'm sure one day, we'll all be in the audience watching you collect your Bram, or something close to it. Thanks for the feedback.


  7. I hear ya. I enjoy being my own boss – able to set my own price, change the cover, whatever.It's a long road but I believe we'll all get there, fingernails bloody from the vertical climb. :)


  8. Damn, I feel ya, girl. But I know it's only a matter of time before the name Erin Cole gets listed on the NY Times bestsellers list. Not to mention the movie deals. I too know the disappointing sales of a book. My goals are small too.Anyway, keep up the writing. Your fan base will only continue to grow


  9. lessons learned.. when i tell peeps the actual "writing" part of writing is about 25% of the time and effort they look at me like I am a crazy person..good luck on your latest ventures and give yourself a break – we have all been there..


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