Lily's Friday Prediction

Lily Child’s Friday Prediction – The Man with Blue in His Beard

I just finished 400 pages of edits on the second book of the Kate Waters Mysteries, “Wicked Tempest”, all in just two months! And now, I think I have tendinitus. Regardless, I’m not going down unless I’m on fire, which I must say, might be sooner than I thought with the talent popping up at Lily’s Friday Prediction. Go check it out and join in the fun, here.

100 words max, to include: Hypnotise (Hypnotist is acceptable), Granules, and Float

The Man with Blue in His Beard

It grew overnight, a black lotus. I cut the hearty stem, rough from the granules of gloom and the light of a deformed moon. It floated like a dream on my pillow.

At the paling of an October dawn, his footsteps clapped, a thundering wicked dance in my heart—hypnotist of foreseeable doom.

The black lotus crumbled from the force of his pitch at my feet. Thorn slashed skin, sickly taunting me with nightmare.

“Where did you find this?” He bellowed.

My suspicions confirmed. He drew a long blade. I thought I glimpsed the screams of the late Mrs.

3 thoughts on “Lily Child’s Friday Prediction – The Man with Blue in His Beard”

  1. That was awesome! I loved the lotus. There was so much atmosphere in that short piece. *applause*Hey, if you go to that Twitter conference definitely let me know what you learn? I'm such a newb with all this stuff. :)


  2. Love these short and sweet tales. Kinda reminds me of all those Six Sentences I used to write. This brought me back to those…Congrats on your second book. Question… Is it in e-book format yet, Erin?


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