Red Skies Press, Their Dark Masters, Tormented

Their Dark Masters is here!

Another vampire anthology? I don’t think so-
check out the names in Mark Anthony Crittenden’s anthology, Their Dark Masters: tales of extreme vampire horror, from RED SKIES PRESS: Tyree Campbell, Brian K. Ladd, Lily Childs, Lee Hughes, Erik Boman, Paul Anderson, Erin Cole, Gregory Miller, Marissa Farrar, Henry Brasater, Rebecca L. Brown, Barry J. Northern, and of course, Mark Anthony Crittenden.

Here’s a teaser of my story, Tormented:

It isn’t easy becoming vampire. There are tests. Children take to it naturally, malleable minds and ravenous spirits, but the consumption of blood is just the beginning to creating a monster. This is a good thing. Unless, it is someone you love—someone you cannot save.

* * *

Nolan woke from the dream again, like a bull chasing him through the darkness. Only it was her, tunneling through the black-netted cosmos for the locality of his deceitful spirit. He was the vampire who had thieved the queen’s monstrous, tar-like heart, hoping the legend was true—that if buried beneath thirteen feet of cold water, it would render a vampire powerless.

Tonight, Nolan would find out, in death or near it. He would put an end to her twisting will and perverted impulses over him forever, the feeling of her hands between his legs, mouth hot and full of him. She always wanted only the best of him inside her, and when she reached the pinnacle of ecstasy, he’d brace himself for her bite (exquisite pain, both arousing and horrific). That was Roxanna…gorgeous, terrible Roxanna.

He could not resist her. Surrender was unavoidable. But he didn’t love her. And never did. And now that he’d found real love, Roxanna sought both of their deaths…

Find out what happens to Nolan and his doomed lover, Justine, when they try to kill the queen vampire, Roxanna. It’s an ending full of surprises.

Purchase now at Createspace and Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Their Dark Masters is here!”

  1. Erin – Tormented sounds simply luscious! So sumptuous to share the pages with you. I have red velvet cushions. Can't wait to see if Roxanna becomes trapped beneath the waves…


  2. Someone needs to loosen my bustier. Rawr. I hope Justine is prepared to bear (bare?) as much as Roxanna. I'm so looking forward to this book. Your story sounds delicious, Erin! Congrats


  3. Big time congrats Erin, and all the other authors. The treaser was very intriguing, and salacious. I'm blushing. Haven't read a vampire story since THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES, some 18 years ago. TDM sounds great and can't wait to read it.


  4. Yes, these are vampire tales as they are meant to be written. Don't miss Erin's tale in this compendium that will absolutely blow you away. If there is one book to read this year, it's Their Dark Masters. I guarantee it.


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