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Outside Writers – 1000th Monkey Spring 2010

The Spring 2010 Issue of Outside Writers 1000th Monkey Zine is out! Read everything from interviews to Haiku, even a political rant by me, Change Is Ready. Other great contributors include: Lynn Alexander, Jim Wittenberg, Jeffrey S. Callico, Michael J. Solender, Brad Nelson, Doug Mathewson, Kristin Fouquet, Joseph M. Gant, Walt Conley, Sal Butacci, and more.

Support small press and expand yourself as a writer, by joining Outside Writers Collective, a valuable network for the aspiring writer! Yes, I said aspiring—strive for greatness.

Thank you Lynn and Madrea!

6 thoughts on “Outside Writers – 1000th Monkey Spring 2010”

  1. Thanks Jodi! You emphasized my point even more – fear of change is even more profound in our personal lives. Those unknown next steps can be terrifying. You wrote a piece on FitD similar to this, the fear in The Next Step. A great piece-Cheers to change!


  2. Erin, AWESOME rant. You struck on something I've been trying to write about but having a hard time hitting home. You nailed it, you wrote about we as a country being sedated by the media, commercial industry, ignorance – the fear of change. And doesn't it all come down to fearing change…especially when it comes to our personal lives. Whether it's someone dying, or someone leaving, growing older, dealing with illness.Thank you for writing this. You hit bingo, lady!


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