Sex and Murder, Sweet Darkness

Sex and Murder – Issue #10

Issue #10 of Sex and Murder Magazine is hot off the press! Enter the world of disturbing horror, splatter plunk, and dark fantasies. Fiction editor Anthony Beal, Poetry editor Joseph M. Gant, and editor Douglas Allen Rhodes have combined their talents to produce a monthly magazine sated with the increasingly popular subgenre of dark horror—and I’m proud to have my piece, Sweet Darkness, written earlier this year published in this issue.

Other outstanding works include, Joseph M. Gant’s Stainless Hearts, Shannon Barber’s Murder Room, David M. Buhajla’s The Great Feasting, and many more. Come take a peek and bring your darkness along.

Cover Art: “Halloween at Dusk”
by Linda Belle

My greatest thanks to Anthony Beal for selecting my story. Support small press: buy, promote, and submit to Sex and Murder Magazine.

14 thoughts on “Sex and Murder – Issue #10”

  1. Hi Erin,Congrats on the story! I'm trying to download right now, but the site seems to be having issues. Argh! Considering the comments you have here- I can't wait to read! Always ALWAYS look forward to your writing. <3


  2. Congrats Erin! Great story, and fits well with S and M. Love the nameof that zine — certainly an attention grabber. peace…


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