Howl Anthology, Legend of La Chusa, Mark Crittenden

Legend of La Chusa ~ Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal

Mark Crittenden’s anthology Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal is in print! We’ve been eagerly awaiting this event as some of the best writers showcase their feral and infernal tales. It is a kick to be among them, with my story Legend of La Chusa, about a young Mexican girl living in a small town cursed by the brujah, La Chusa, who witnesses the gruesome slaying of her boyfriend. But the secrets she uncovers are worse than the horrors she faces.

Other authors of Howl include editor and illustrator Mark Crittenden, Jason Michel, Angel Zapata, Barry J. Northern, Carrie Clevenger, Jodi MacArthur, Lee Hughes, Paul D. Brazill, Brad Nelsen, Paula Ray, and many more.

Order your copy today on and soon to be available on

Greatest thanks to Mark Crittenden for all the blood, sweat, but no tears he poured into this anthology and for allowing me the chance to free my feral side!

14 thoughts on “Legend of La Chusa ~ Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal”

  1. It's rare when a short story feels like a novel, but you pulled it off with this piece. I read it over the weekend and was blown away. Never read anything like it. Played out like a movie in my mind; a movie I'd want to watch again and again. Lucia's narrative was clear and hypnotizing. Loved it.


  2. "The Best Of Lame Goat Press anthology" too…damn, that's gotta feel so good. Gonna order my copy this week and read me some Mexican girl horror. Keep 'em coming feral.


  3. Erin, thanks for the praise and be sure to tell everyone how your story grabbed honors by being selected for The Best Of Lame Goat Press anthology as well. If everyone reading this is not clicking the link and buying a copy of this right now, you are missing the most fabulously scary, alluring, and kick ass selection of horror likely to come out this year. You won't find another where the authors gave so much. I personally made sure. :) Now stop talking and go buy your copy!


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