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Pulp Metal Magazine – Don’t Look Back

Photo by: Rowena Murillo, Keep the Flame Burning

Do you hate puppies? Okay, nevermind—but if you’ve ever visited a shrink in your dreams or dreamt of flying, maybe you can relate to my story, Don’t Look Back, now over at Pulp Metal Magazine. I am thrilled to be a part of PMM and thank Jason Michel for accepting my very, twisted tale, spawned by the recent adoption in our family: a 3-mnth-old German Shepherd mix—and yes, I adore Heidi…most of the time.

Don’t miss the other great works at PMM: Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge, Melanie Brown, Frank Duffy, and Charlie Coleman—nonfiction by Paul D. Brazill, Robert Crisman, and Edinburgh’s, award-winning journalist/editor/novelist, Tony Black—and artwork by Jason Michel and Luigi Clemente.

If you have odd fiction flying from your fingertips, check out Pulp Metal Magazine’s submission guidelines, and please edit, edit, edit…or that dog will bite back.

9 thoughts on “Pulp Metal Magazine – Don’t Look Back”

  1. An excellent story! Very well written, and very dark. My kind of reading… And hey, thanks for stopping in and joining my mad group of readers. Much appreciated!Nevine


  2. CHILLING. Esp this line“We can’t escape our nightmares—they are apart of us. The real nightmare is when the dream comes true.”I really appreciated the building suspense of the piece. Him handing her the axe at the end…yikes!Good work (as always!), Erin.


  3. Great story, Erin. You have a way of bringing the us into the mind of your character, then making us squirm with the things we find in there. Congrats!


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