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Willamette Writers 40th Annual Conference: Kay Snow Awards

Willamette Writers is one of the largest organizations on the west coast, with widespread opportunities for beginning and advanced writers to progress and improve on their writing skills in a variety critique groups, workshops, seminars, newsletters, and conferences.

So as the 40th Annual Willamette Writers Conference approached, I had many reservations about attending my first writers’ conference, but alas I’m going – especially since my story, My Compass, was selected for an Honorable Mention award to be held this Saturday at the Sheraton Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

It is a privilege to be among so many talents and I extend many thanks to the Willamette Writers Organization for their continued efforts to help and support writers of all levels.

5 thoughts on “Willamette Writers 40th Annual Conference: Kay Snow Awards”

  1. You know I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you listened to that "inner compass," that "spiritual atlas that gives one drive and direction." I can't wait to buy your books at Barnes & Nobles or Borders.


  2. Congratulations Erin. Not only is it an honour for you, it is also damn well deserved. Keep 'em coming and more great things will come to a superb writer such as you!!!


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