Story acceptance for ‘The Deep, Dark Woods’ anthology

I am grateful to have a new story acceptance in Christina Escamilla’s The Deep Dark Woods anthology, titled, “Forever, No More.” 

Forever to Jesse, and three other ghosts, is a locked crypt inside the dark woods of the Black Mountain Cemetery, that is until two young children set them free. The woods are about to get much darker, and for Jesse, her forever trapped in the cemetery is no more.

This short story was born the night I found my kids jumping on the trampoline, holding hands, and chanting, “Dead man, dead man come alive, come alive on the count of five, One, two, three, four, five, come alive!”

This creeped me out. My children never hold each other’s hands because that’s ‘so disgusting’. Moreover, it’s a creepy-ass chant when sang by a small chorus of children on a waning-moon dusk. And when asked where they heard it, I was told by my daughter that Sally’s friend taught her it. Sally is my daughter’s invisible friend. For me, invisible friends having invisible friends is a notch up on the horror factor.

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