Goodreads Giveaway – Between Feathers and Fins

This week, March 2-6, I’m giving away three, signed copies of “Between Feathers and Fins,” on Goodreads. Enter to win HERE.

10 tales of strange, speculative fiction…

Between Feathers and FinsA witch casts a spell to lure a heart, but the one who appears hopes to steal her soul.
A mother works against time to save her child for when the Others invade.
A villager finds herself lost in a forest, only to surrender to the true path of wisdom.
A young girl learns that the sliver in her palm is no sliver, but something buried beneath her skin.
A ghost in the sea struggles to find her way home in the endless, deep blue.
At 10K, this collection of flash fiction and short stories will lead you into the savage hauntings and restless fears that plague the females in them. From ghosts to mermaids, witches to beasts, ‘Between Feathers and Fins’ is an imaginative collection of dark and strange stories you won’t soon forget.