Feral Things Giveaway Results

Rafflecopter, Rafflecopter, Rafflecopter, O how you fail me so. December 1-5, I ran a Rafflecopter Release Party for my new novella, Feral Things. The release was a great hit, and I’m thankful to so many people for their support. Yet for some reason, my Rafflecopter Giveaway didn’t turn out as I’d anticipated. I don’t know if it was an error on my part (a likely scenario), installing the giveaway, marketing it right, etc. or if Rafflecopter just requests too many hoops for the busy person to jump through.

Nevertheless, I did have almost 70 boosts from supporters ranging from a tweet to full-on interviews. I recorded everyone’s name, giving the appropriate lines in Excel for their support (interviews were 5 lines, blog posts 3, Facebook posts 2, Like my author page, tweeting, or sharing the news 1.) I shuffled the names and selected 11, 28, and 47 with a random number generator.

The winners are Jason Michel, Chris Allinotte, and Richard Baron. I also selected  three more winners to receive an eBook of Feral Things for going above and beyond: Milo James Fowler, James Everington, and Blaze McRob.

The other thing I had a feeling I might run into was that my three winners were international (which makes shipping print copies of my other books a little spendy), so winners will receive an eBook of Feral Things. My apologies if you were looking forward to a print copy, and if you were, email me and maybe we can work out an arrangement.

Again, super thanks everyone! I really appreciate your support and hope you all love the book.


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